Felicitation Day

Welcoming Rangoli in Felicitation ceremony.
Hon.Pohare sir and Dr. Sapkal sir is felicitating the student passed with distinction of std – X.
Hon. Dignitaries are congratulating the IX std Topper student.
The students of IX std are doing the Tilak Poojan of Hon. Dignitaries and the guests.
The adoration and lamp lighting of the portrait of Rashtra Mata Jijao and Kranti Jyoti Savtribai Phule by Hon. Dignataries.
Hon. Sapkal sir is lightening the lamp before the portrait.
The adoration of the portrait and Deep prajwalan.
The adoration and Deep prajwalan.
The students of LSC school are welcoming the guests with their outpouring feelings through the WELCOME song.
Hon. principal Mrs. Vanita Raut mam is welcoming Hon. Pohare sir.
The X std – 2nd Topper is being felicitated at the holy hand of Hon. Pohare sir and Dr. Sapkal sir. She got 93.00 %
Hon. dignataries are congratulating the I Topper of X std with her parents. She got 95. 80 %
Hon. Pohare sir is honouring the III Topper of X std student. Darshana Gadge got 92.60%
The X std Topper student is giving the torch of success and responsibility of being Best of the best to the X std next batch of 2018-19
The student of X std Mst. Ashfan Khan the V topper has been selected for the scholarship of renowned coaching class of Rehmani IIT Aurangabad. He had been the 30th topper throughout India.
The eye opening and congratulating speech and School Progress report by Resp. Principal Mrs. Vanita Raut mam.
Hon. Pohare sir is guiding to the students, teachers and parents at the occassion of Felicitation. He urged for changing the traditional pattern of teaching and learning in education system to face the challenges of dynamic future.
Hon. Sapkal sir is addressing the students of the school. He insisted the next X std batch should performed better than this batch.
The students of LSC school enjoying the Felicitation Ceremony of X std meritorious students and got overwhelmed and motivitated.