School History


Akola’s First lawyer Namadeorao Pohare founded the Maratha Mandal with a team of dedicated patrons on  October 1, 1922 vijayadashami. The Institute opened all the doors of education for everyone in the society. The journey began with Maratha Boarding got converted into an Organisation called Maratha Mandal.

The English-medium school started in  1 99 0 was one of the great achievements for this Organisation.. This school provides quality education with moderate fees. Students are not the citizen of tomorrow rather they should be considered as Today’s citizens .keeing this in mind, the institute will keep changing it’s pace and projection to build their future concretely.

with best wishes

Shri. Prakash Pohare

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The School began with merely 6 students with Mrs. Dhanashree Nitsure as their mentor in 1990. Mr. Prakash Pohare whose inspiration was Shri. Mahadeorao Bhuibhar and his collegues,  initiated the project .It has grown into a renowned English Medium school providing quality education to the masses.